Old Town Atrium FAQ

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What is provided with the venue rental?

Old  Town Atrium provides exclusive use of the Atrium and staging kitchen on the day  of your event. We provide five-foot round tables, six-foot buffet tables, and  black Chiavari chairs. All other event prep, cleanup, and  planning services must be handled by the client. Old Town Atrium staff will set up and break down the tables and chairs for your event.

How early can a client or  vendor get in to setup?

Old  Town Atrium staff sets up the tables and chairs the day before any event. If  the event is on a Saturday or Sunday, clients or vendors may arrive at  the  venue as early as 8am. If the event is on a Friday evening, the client or  vendors may begin setting up as early as 4pm.

How late can an event go?

Old  Town Atrium is in a residential neighborhood, even though it faces Madison  Avenue. Events held on Friday and Saturday evenings must end no later than 10 pm.Events held on Sunday evenings must end no later than  9 pm.

Are there decoration  limitations?

Clients  and vendors may decorate the space but shall not use any permanent or damaging  adhesive methods for hanging decorations, including nails, staples or tape  on  walls, ceilings or floors. Candles must be enclosed. Glitter, confetti  or  similar materials that require an excessive amount of cleanup are not  permitted. Any balloons must be securely fastened to tables or similar  structures.

 Are plates, flatware, and glassware  provided?

Old  Town Atrium does not provide these items. Clients may bring in their own or use  those provided by their caterer.

Does rental include event  coordination services?

The  rental fee does not include any coordination services. Each event will have a  staff member to open and close the venue for the day of the event as well as be  your contact person.

What is the cancellation  policy?

No  refunds of the space rental fee will be paid fourteen (14) days prior to an  event, as the agreement to rent the space may cause the loss of another  booking.

Is the site handicap  accessible?

There  are multiple handicap parking spots along the west side of Old Town Atrium as  well as a ramp located on the north side of the building.

What is the parking situation?

Complimentary  guest parking is located across Broadway Street on the south side of the venue and  along the west side of the building.